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The Different Kinds of Love Blocks

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Are beliefs that prevent you from being your inner or true self. Mental blocks can cripple you severely
When seeking to heal an emotional block, we must look for ways, in which you have been emotionally hurt in the past
Spiritual blocks are misperceptions, about the universe and your place within it. These blocks can underlie every other issue
These are obviously experienced as physical problems, ailments, disease or pains. Being tired can block your thinking, distorting your perspective and inhibiting effectiveness
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ULYLB Intuitive Energy Coach

The unlock your love blocks process will help you work through aspects of your shadow that may be contributing to some of the painful situations in your life and help you unlock the block through a deep and intense energy coaching process.With a strong connection to the mystic realms and earth, I will assist you to transcend negative thoughts and behaviours so that you can shift your energetic frequency and start living being and attracting higher states of consciousness and therefor people and higher situation in your life.
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ULYLB Intuitive Card Readings​

These intuitive readings can offer insight and help to support the client to see what their blocks may be in finding love, self love or life purpose.

Clients can often not see what it is they need to work on within themselves, to achieve the outcomes they want.

Working with these beautiful cards can offer guidance, direction and insight to those needing some answers in regards to repeating karmic patterns.

Unlock Your Love Blocks


A Love Block, is literally any thought, feeling, belief, memory, trauma, spirtiual misunderstanding, or experiences from this life, or from a past life, that is limiting you and holding you back from being the truest version of yourself.

How are love blocks formed?

Love blocks can be formed by any major or minor trauma or stress over a period of time. People can block their sensitive and emotional nature, by down playing experiences they have been through, or issues experienced as a child. This protects us from feeling the hurt or pain associated with the experience.

How to Unlock Your blocks through Intuitive Energy Coaching

There is no step by step process to Unlock Your Love Blocks. It is more a cycle, where you actively dedicate yourself to being open to various modalities of healing, self reflection and energetic adjustments.

The main objective with Intuitive Energy Coaching and self healing work is to support the client to consciously experience a reflection of their own energetic system, so that dissonant energies can be actively addressed. By honestly looking at their entire energy body we can learn to identify areas or aspects of lower/slower vibrations. Active Self reflection empowers, people to deal with the inner aspects through developing self-understanding, compassion and self-forgiveness.


Learn to empower yourself


Working with a couch is a great way to help us see our conscious and unconscious blocks. Someone who can help see ourselves in a holistic way. Offering action taking exercises, creating goals, keeping us accountable responsible for what we wish to achieve for ourselves.

COACHING Techniques

Here you will find awesome techniques on grounding and centering to do at home.


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Coaching 1on1

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  • Achieving Goals and Potentials

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