Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Michelle has completed Shamanic Training levels 1, 2 and Angelic Shamanism.
This includes Tibetan pulsing techniques.

Shamanic healings are a deep journey into the energy centres, (chakras) in the body to identify in the energy field of the client, the energetic blueprint of a particular emotion , thought or feeling that is creating karmic patterns in that clients life. This is done by connecting into the energy point in the body, and using shamanic healing tools to track and find where in the energy field this particular thought pattern sits and to heal it at the point of creation.

“Shamanism is an ancient spiritual healing practice used throughout the ages by cultures throughout the world. Although considered the first form of religious practice found in the archaeological record, shamanism holds no dogma. The shaman simply carries both the male and female Divine energies, connects with their allies in the natural and Spirit worlds, and follows the guidance received during their work”. Kerry Henwood – Weavers of Light

The Role of the Shaman
The word shaman derives from the Manchu-Tungus word saman, which means “one who knows.” The Sanskrit term for shaman, sramana, means “holy figure.” In his book The Shaman, anthropologist Piers Vitebsky describes shamanism as being “…the oldest profession, covering the roles which, in industrial societies, are played separately by the doctor, the psychotherapist, soldier, fortune-teller, priest and politician.

Clients can experience different degrees of healing and usually takes more than one session to get to a core wounding.

Choose from in person or remote healing sessions.

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Access Consciousness facilitator

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This is a deep relaxation energetic healing, that consists of connecting 32 points on the head, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. Its like hitting the delete button on your computer.

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Shamanic/Access Healing

In-Person or Distance Healing
$ 120 /Hour